Outing 6 at Hayling

Hayling Island public beach Is a great pace to kite foil since it gets deep enough within a few paces even at low tide

I was at Hayling in 13 to 17 knots Sout Easterly, well powered on 8m Rally. Longest runs yet by far. It’s so cool to glide above the water over 2 or 2 1/2 foot chop in virtual silence and really smooth (until a crash!)

Learning loads about going off the wind with board flat and working the kite. Should have powered it up perhaps.

Strange to have to work oneself down-wind first to enable a charge upwind to avoid an inverse walk of shame.

So much of foiling seems to work counter-intuitively.

I twisted my left foot going round the front trying to go off the wind – but an ice pack took care of that.

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